IBM Business Partners (BPs) meet IBM Montpellier Technological experts.

Organize your bespoke technological events at the new IBM Montpellier center is a Blue-Channel* service aimed at providing the following services :

1.Design, build and market innovative IBM technical education workshops for IBM Business Partners (BPs) in conjunction with the IBM Systems Center Montpellier experts. 

Our aim is to transfer the latest technological information to IBM BPs in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Power 9, IBM i & p platforms, Blockchain, order to gain a competitive advantage and provide value to their clients & future prospects.

2.Provide a dynamic platform for IBM ISVs to meet their future International Channel Partners and/or future customer prospects.

3.We also organise webinars & seminars for IBM BPs anywhere in the world.

* Founded in 2008, Blue-Channel consults and supports innovative companies and IBM Business Partners (BPs) in the fields of marketing, commerce and international business development. Our experience allows us to build and translate the company's marketing plan into an operational commercial action plan.

We design & market technological events for IBM Montpellier.

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IBM Montpellier are proposing, independent and bespoke Technological Remote & Hands-On workshops to transfer the latest information in order to gain a competitive advantage.

7 (good) reasons to book your workshop :

  • Learn the latest IBM Technology (Power 9, AI, IBM i, Blockchain, Roadmaps…, please refer to subjects below). In other words, choose the technological subjects which are of interest to you and your customers/prospects.
  • No need to travel – save time & travel expense
  • Include other members of your technological team who maybe at different locations
  • Build your contacts with the IBM Montpellier experts
  • Immediately relay onto your customers & prospects what you have learnt during the remote workshop
  • Discover other areas of growth for your company
  • Define the “next step” action plan with IBM Montpellier
Check out some of our technological subjects :

Power AI : Meet the best server for enterprise AI applications. No matter where you are in your journey, Power Systems will take you further with AI applications.

Blue-Ai : With this unique IBM Ai seminar, we’ll discuss how modernizing the IBM i platform and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enable clients to converge the two technologies, protect and grow IBM i revenues.

System i and System p : The world’s top supercomputers run on IBM Power Systems. Fueled by POWER9 technology, the foundation for the No. 1 and No. 2 supercomputers in the world.

Hybrid Cloud and Cloud : Integrate, manage and optimize across AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud™ and other cloud providers.

Quantum Computing : IBM unveils the world's first quantum computer that businesses can actually use to solve previously impossible problems.

Storage IBM Cloud Private : Enable your business with a secure private managed storage cloud infrastructure, whether on-premises or on IBM Cloud.

OpenShift : IBM® and Red Hat have partnered to provide a joint solution that uses IBM Cloud Private and OpenShift. You can now deploy IBM certified software containers running on IBM Cloud Private onto Red Hat OpenShift.

Blockchain : IBM Blockchain. Now delivering value around the world. From frictionless supply chains to food we can really trust, learn how industries are revolutionizing business with IBM Blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence : Unlock the power of AI with IBM PowerAI & Watson.

SAS Viya on POWER: SAS Viya can help you conquer any analytics challenge. Built for analytics innovation, it is cloud-ready, and provides power, agility and consistent oversight.

HA & Disaster recovery plan on IBM i (different solutions)

IT simplification and cost reduction : Companies—large and small—are looking for ways to simplify operations and reduce IT costs while meeting the demands of their business. IBM offers a no-charge economics study of your IT environment to determine the most effective technical and economical solution for your business.

IBM Power versus Competition : Learn how you can gain a competitive advantage versus the competition. : Innovation requires an artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, and H2O Driverless AI on IBM Power Systems™ is designed to accelerate your ability to create intelligent products and services that quickly deliver trusted results.

Broadcom : Simplified Networking, Maximum Performance and Increased Business Agility. Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs by Broadcom are designed specifically to meet the needs of enterprise-class systems, providing the industry’s highest performance, rock-solid reliability, scalability, virtualization support and feature rich management tools essential for IBM Power Systems.

Christophe Cavelier d'Esclavelles


Business Development Manager LabServices Europe

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Thierry HUCHE


IT Specialist

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IT Specialist

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Benoit Marolleau


Cloud Certified Architect in the Technical Pre-sales - IBM Cognitive Systems team, Systems Center Europe.

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Jean-Yves Girard


Blockchain Architect, IBM Lab Services

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Ludovic Menard


IT Specialist

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Jean-Luc Bonhommet


New Technology Introduction IBM Power systems

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Ronan Burlier


AI Engineer / Watson Solution Architect / Developer Advocate

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Pascal Taverne


Pascal Taverne Power Systems - IBM i Senior Technical Specialist IBM Systems Hardware France & IBM Systems Center Europe

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IBM i Service Vouchers allow you free access to IBM i technical education services. With help from an expert on IBM’s technical team at your side, you will quickly take advantage of your new system’s capabilities. Once you register your voucher, IBM will work with you to define the service. The IBM Montpellier IBM i team can provide flexible services in the form of : Hands on workshops, Demos, Skill transfer, Installation assistance…

Subject areas :

•Hybrid Cloud (Open shift, Ansible, Power virtual Server)
•IBMi security
•DB2 mirror for i
•NVMe on IBMi
•Power VC
•VM Recovery Manager
•Artificial Intelligence
•External Storage
•Other areas as per your specific requirements.


1.You need to activate your IBM i vouchers via :

2.IBM will then send you a Statement Of Work (SOW) for signature with upto 5 day free services :

These 5 days can be broken down over time in half days or a full day services whenever required and in accordance with IBM Montpellier Technical Expert availabilities.

3.Once you have signed the SOW we need to plan the first session.


Built from the ground-up for data intensive workloads, POWER9 is the only processor chip with state-of-the-art I/O subsystem technology, next generation NVIDIA NVLink, PCIe Gen4, and OpenCAPI.

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Offer clients the industry’s broadest portfolio of storage solutions to unify, manage and protect their data across multicloud and AI environments.

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Unlock the power of AI with IBM Watson.

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Labs - Roadmap

Build your specific Lab workshop

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Hybrid & Multi Cloud

Integrate, manage and optimize across AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud™ and other cloud providers.


IBM® and Red Hat have partnered to provide a joint solution that uses IBM Cloud Private and OpenShift. You can now deploy IBM certified software containers running on IBM Cloud Private onto Red Hat OpenShift.

Power Stream

H20, AI, DB2 Mirror...

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Aumerial, France - Stop your IBM i Erosion

Coming soon..

  • Date: 01/04/2021 09:30 - 01/04/2021 11:30
  • Location Online Event

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Why Blue-Match ? imageWhy Blue-Match ? image
Why Blue-Match

The problem that Innovative companies and IBM Business Partners (BPs) are facing today,  is that they simply do not know each other ! 

Innovative companies have spent a lot of money & time integrating IBM technology into their innovative solutions and their ultimate goal is to develop long standing commercial & marketing partnerships with IBM BPs all over the world.

Blue-Match is aimed at resolving this problem by providing a platform to connect Innovative companies with IBM Business Partners (BPs) for mutual benefits & growth.

3 Value Points of Blue-Match :

1.We have an extensive list of innovative IBM solution partners and IBM BPs (over 9000 referenced in our DB at present) who would match "nicely" to drive joint business together on an international basis.

2.Joint experience of over 60 years IBM experience.

3.Strong partnership with IBM Montpellier

Blue-Match is aimed at :

1.Innovative companies wishing to meet their future international channel partners
2.IBM BPs looking for innovative solutions to enrich their solution portfolio.

What's in it for me ?

For the IBM Solution Partner
For the IBM BP
Recruit your future BPsEnrich your portfolio
Accelerate your International developement
Propose new & innovative solutions to your clients & prospects
Save time & energy in focusing on finding the "right" international channel pertners
If you are looking for an innovative solutions "to close that deal" or reply to an RFQ / RFP, then we may just have waht you are looking for !
Connect with IBMers all over the world
Rapidly find innovative IBM ISV solutions

How does Blue-Match work ?

The Innovative companies which are show-cased on Blue-Match meet the following criteria :

  • Have at least 5 customer references.
  • International expansion ambitions.
  • Incorporated IBM technology (Power, Storage,Watson, Cognos..) into their solutions.
  • We will highlight our Solution Partners to 3 populations : 1.IBM BPs globally, IBMers and End Customers (Prospects).
  • The 3 profiles will then reseve a date/time with the chosen Solution Partner for a demo and discussion for a future collaboration.

If you are an Innovative company with Intellectual Property (IP) and would like to showcase your solution(s) and connect with IBM BPs globally, please fill out the form below.
  • Are you an IBM Business Partner ?

  • Are you looking for IBM Technological Experts in the following fields, if so, let us know ?

IBM i or p, IA, Power Servers, Storage - Spectrum, Cloud, Security, Broadcom / Brocade, Blockchain

Please fill out your contact details, select your webinar(s) from the "Choose your webinar" menu and register.


Please fill out your contact details, select the type of event(s) and register.


Please fill out your contact details, select the webinar and register.

In 2021 IBM Competency Server & Storage Business Partners (BPs) will receive IBM Business Development Funds – Enablement (BDF-E) to spend on the following activities:

• IBM Systems Technical Training Events and Workshops
• IBM Lab Services Offerings
• IBM Systems Cloud for Enablement and Co-Creation
• Demo and proof of concept activities

What can IBM Montpellier offer ? We can offer the following :

•Technological enablement / briefings in terms of Storage, Server (IBM i p & z), Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Hybrid Cloud, RedHat

By who ? IBM Montpellier technological experts

Location : IBM Montpellier (Depenendant on Covid restrictions)

Why are you working with Blue-Channel ? Blue-Channel organise innovative technological & marketing events for IBM Montpellier. We have been succesfully collaborating with Blue-Channel for the last four years. Please refer to for more information.

What do we suggest ? Let’s have a brief webinar with you and your teams to determine your 2021 requirements and build the plan.

IBM BDF-E provides a predictable pool of reinvestment funds to assist you in your skills development and enablement activities to support and grow sales of IBM Systems products.BDF-E will be a fixed amount and depend on the level achieved on January 1st and July 1st. Specialist partners will earn $ 5.000 per half year. Expert partners will earn $ 7.500 per half year.