With our IoT solutions we want to ensure peace of mind to our customers. We want to be a strong player in developing tracking and transparency in logistics, and in ensuring healthier air in buildings. Our IOTSU® brings a new industry standard for scalable tracking.

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Brief description of your solution

IOTSU® Flexi

IOTSU® is a scalable platform for long-range wireless solutions. IOTSU® includes maintenance-free and easy to install smart sensor units and a cloud service for logistics tracking and real estate management. In addition, data can be easily integrated to solutions of our Business Partners.  

Our latest innovation, IOTSU® Flexi is a smart plaster like long range node which can easily be integrated to all kinds of surfaces and objects. The node is scalable and can measure acceleration, orientation, position, temperature and other parameters. IOTSU® is a perfect solution for our Business partners for visualising and comparing the data collected by various sensors.  The data enables an overall analysis and identification of criticalities for detailed actions.

3 Unique Selling Points (USPs) of your software

The combination of device size and bendability, intelligent features and long ranges coverage all in one IOTSU® platform.

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Why should I buy your software?

We offer the most innovative and scalable solution for delivery chain tracking.

Country targets

Currently EU, others (2021-)

Customer ROI

Saving money and offering better customer service by having transparency in delivery chain.

IBM Technology used in your solution(s)

IBM SPSS Statistics and other data analysis tools. We are at the moment investigating the opportunity to analyse operations and functionalities of our platform based on statistical analysis.