Offer clients the industry’s broadest portfolio of storage solutions to unify, manage and protect their data across multicloud and AI environments.


Hybrid Multicloud Store  and manage your data in a multicloud world.More data are now out of the enterprise firewall. It's critical for all business to link their historical critical storage infrastructure with the new cloud solutions.
IBM provides a broad set of storage offering to drive the client to their transformation journey. This session will present the IBM Hybrid and Multicloud Storage Options.
Modern Data Protection and CyberesillencyIBM Spectrum Protect Plus  improves protection for your applications and virtualized infrastructure.IBM Spectrum Protect plus offers data protection and cyber resiliency for both on premise and cloud, It lives as a cloud service or as a virtual machine.  You will see the ease of use in a VMware and cloud environment., We will protect and restore applications and databases like Office 365, SQL. Air gap evidence is defined with cloud COS / AWS and Spectrum Protect Tape data storage
Modern Data Protection and CyberesillencyCreating a Cyber Resiliency Solution with Spectrum Virtualize and S3 bucket in AWSCybersecurity is a new concern for our customers. Our products offer native mecanisms that can help them.
IBM Spectrum Virtualize provides a feature " Transparent cloud tiering" which send copies of the volumes to a cloud storage.
The cloud storage act as an isolated infrastructure offering AirGap against Cybercriminality.
We will demonstrate how the safe data are used to restore easily the production in the AWS public Cloud.
Modern Data Protection and CyberesillencyMulti-Cloud Backup Architecture with IBM Spectrum Protect Cloud TieringIBM Spectrum Protect™ simplifies data protection where data is hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud environment.
Tiering to Cloud now offer flexible implementation scenarios to optimize IBM Spectrum Protect's backups & restores taking the best of an hybrid MultiCloud infrastucture.
Our demo will highlight the major implementation cases.
Modern Data Protection and CyberesillencyWhat's new with IBM Spectrum ProtectWalk trough our IBM Spectrum Protect demo to discover the main recent features of IBM Spectrum Protect, Tiering to Cloud Tiering to Tape, IBM Spectrum Protect plus archives, retention Sets & Rules to automatically and periodically retain data sets for specific clients.
The last feature improve cyber security by providing dual authorization to prevent unintended consequences and a airgap thanks to the new command approval feature.
Modern Data Protection and CyberesillencyWhat's new with IBM Spectrum ProtectCyberattacks and ransomware are the third most common data center attacks. IBM provides a set of storage solution which helps to build a cyber resiliency strategy.
This sessions will introduce the appropriates features of IBM Spectrum Protect, IBM Spectrum CDM, IBM Spectrum Virtualize, Safeguarded Copy on DS8000, Tapes, IBM Cloud Object Storage
Storage and AI for BigDataProvide data insight for petabyte-scale unstructured storage with IBM Spectrum DiscoverIBM® Spectrum Discover helps undersand the value of all the unstructured data. It easily connects to IBM Cloud Object Storage, IBM Spectrum Scale™, IBM Spectrum Protect and other data rources to rapidly ingest, consolidate, index and enrich metadata for billions of files and objects. It provides a rich metadata layer that enables storage administrators, data stewards and data scientists to efficiently manage, classify and gain insights from massive amounts of unstructured data.
Storage and AI for BigDataEnterprise File Services platform with IBM Cloud  Object Storage  and CTERAIBM Cloud Object Storage provides an easy managed, redundant, secure, and scalable object software defined storage system.
CTERA’s focus is on building private cloud storage-as-a-service platform that centrally manages file and data protection services and unifies IT security and governance to follow enterprise data wherever it flows.
Integrating both products to build a performant, resilient, multi-tenant and cloud-based Enterprise File Services Platform solution.
Storage and AI for BigDataIBM Spectrum Scale 5.0 AFM-based Disaster RecoveryIBM Spectrum Scale is a high performance versatile storage solution for files and object. Discover how using Active File Management can help you build a multisite and high available infrastucture.
Storage and AI for BigDataIBM Spectrum Scale - IntroductionDiscover our high performance  storage solution for files and object by taking a deep dive in the Spectrum Scale graphical user interface. You will evaluate how easy it it to manage your IBM Spectrum Scale storage solution.
Storage for AI Demonstrate IBM Storage for AI AI success depends on transforming data into accurate models and insights with speed and efficiency. The data are of all kinds and comes from everywhere. Driving significant business from such ocean of data requires an end-to-end storage solution optimized for AI. IBM Spectrum Storage for AI provides a foundation for an AI data infrastructure on which companies can build their data science services and deliver powerful business value from their AI applications. This session will demonstrate IBM Spectrum Scale, IBM COS and IBM Spectrum Discover in your AI data Pipeline. 
Storage for Hybrid MulticloudSecure your on-prem IBM Spectrum Virtualize with a Disaster recovery in the  Public Cloud.IBM Spectrum Virtualize is also available in the public cloud. You can natively replicate your on prem data to the cloud with simple IP replication mecanism.
These functions can be used to migrate your data to the cloud or to implement disaster recovery strategies between on-premises and cloud data centers.
We will demonstrate a disaster recovery to Amazon Cloud Datacenter.
Storage for Hybrid MulticloudDeliver enterprise data management and protection for Red Hat OpenShift with IBM StorageMost organizations will soon be operating in a hybrid multicloud environment.
Container technology will help drive this rapid evolution from applications and data anchored on-premises in siloed systems,
to applications and data easily moving when and where needed to gain the most insight and advantage.
IBM Storage for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is a comprehensive, container-ready solution that offers enterprises storage feature to cotainerized infrastructure.
Storage for Hybrid MulticloudHigh Availibility with IBM Spectrum virtualizeHigh availability is  critical for most organizations, needing business continuity in case of failure. IBM Spectrum Virtualize provides features an easy-to-setup, resilient, fully automated architecture allowing to provide storage multi-site availability to protect your infrastructure and application from storage or site failure.
Storage for Hybrid MulticloudWhat's new with IBM Flashsytem StorageBetween extreme performance with IBM FlashCore, to commodity SSD, IBM All-Flash portfolio covers a large diversity of products, including NVMe-Accelerated devices and new Flash technology offerings, like Storage Class Memory (SCM)  . During this session, use cases and demos will help you to better understand what type of Flash would match your needs.
Storage for Hybrid MulticloudIBM Spectrum Control Advanced - Manage, Control and Optimize your storage infrastructureDemonstrate how to manage, control and optimize your storage environment through a unique interface.
IBM Spectrum Control Advanced allows to adapt your storage infrastructure to meet your SLA requirements.
You can provision, monitor your activity, analyze & optimize data placement, and transform your storage resources.
Storage for Hybrid MulticloudIBM Spectrum Control - Understanding embedded Cognos Analytics ReportingThe Cognos Analytics tool is an optional component that you can install with IBM Spectrum Control.
It allows you to define, adapt, manage, schedule, display and deliver all required reports of your storage infrastructure.
In this demonstration you will see how to manage and create your own reports on your storage environment through a unique interface (using predefined reports, creating a capacity report and by creating a performance report)
Storage for Hybrid MulticloudIBM Storage Insights - Storage Management from the Cloud.IBM Spectrum Insight is an IBM Cloud storage service that offer you a single pane view of your storage infrastructure.
It provides valuable inventory, performance and capacity insights that will help keep your business running and shorten the resolution time of problems and give you a better understanding.