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Name BrandSolutionDescription Default Payment / customer churn scenarioPower AIH2O Driverless AI is an artificial intelligence platform for automatic machine learning (ML). It automates many of the most difficult machine learning workflows such as feature engineering and the selection, validation, tuning and deployment of ML models. 
scikit learn on IBM i : get started with JupyterPower AI
PowerAI Vision BeginnerPower AIOverview of PowerAI Vision features, creating a dataset and train an object detection model.
PowerAI Vision IntermediatePower AIUse the polygons feature of PowerAI Vision to train a segmentation model for road detection in autonomous driving context (segmenting roads recorded in the streets of Montpellier from a driver's point of view).
PowerAI Vision AdvancedPower AIExplore advanced features of PowerAI Vision like Custom Models or the use of the API.
Get started with Jupyter and WML-cePower AIYou'll see how to install WLM-ce from scratch or through a Docker, prepare the minimal environment for DeepLearning datascientists with Jupyter notebooks, start some simple DL training with TensorFlow and pyTorch and monitor GPU and CPU ressource usage. 
PowerAI Vision & Visual Inspector with MQTT & NodeRED hosted by Redhat OpenShift Container Platform on Power Cans classificationPower AIHow to deploy Visual Inspector hosted by Redhat Openshift on Power. This lab is based on several components like MQTT and NodeRED.
Manage Power Systems with IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager 1.4.1 - IntroductionPower CloudThis lab session provides a great introduction to the capabilities of PowerVC and PowerVM. It walks you through the process of capturing deploying resizing Virtual Machines running Linux IBMi or AIX. You can also configure compute templates, storage templates, deploy templates, projects and use the self-service portal to deploy VM as a Cloud user.
Manage Power Systems with IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager 1.4.1 - AdvancedPower CloudIBM Cloud PowerVC Manager includes OpenStack command to facilitates communication with OpenStack services to perform a variety of administrative tasks. This lab session show you advanced PowerVC administration capabilities. It walks you through the process of deploying Virtual Machines running Linux, IBMi or AIX, add storage volumes, create users, create projects using openstack commands.
IBM Cloud and Power Virtual ServerPower Cloud
PowerAI Vision in IBM CloudPower Cloud
VM Recovery ManagerPower HA/DRVM Recovery Manager enables HA/DR solutions based on VM restart technology.
Open Source and IBM i : node-red, node.js, web servicesPower Modernization
Deploy a Two-Tier open source application with Openshift Container Platform on Power                               Power RedhatThis OpenShift hands-on lab gives you an overview of the OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on IBM Power Systems Hardware.
Deploy oracle on AIX with ansible and PowerVCPower CloudHow to deploy oracle on Aix with ansible .At the end of the workshop you will be able to sell and install the ansible solution from Redhat. It's regarding Cloud automation , and infrastructure as a code.

IBM Storage Insights Hands on Lab

This hands-on lab will let you discover how to use the product IBM Storage Insight through an interactive Demo of this product which is available on-line.
Introduction to IBM Spectum Scale Graphical User Interface

In these session, you will use both the Graphical User Interface and Command Line Interface to understand the configuration and value of different features of IBM Spectrum Scale.
Discover IBM Spectrum Virtualize and its advanced features: Hands-on lab 

During this hands-on lab performed on live remote systems, you can discover the ease of use of the Storwize web-based GUI for both basic and advanced administration tasks. You learn how to create volumes and map it to a host, define FlashCopy mappings as well as mirroring relationships to a second Storwize to perform disaster recovery tasks. You can also navigate through the different menus to explore various options like performance monitoring event, physical disk management, and more. 
Extract insight from your unstructured data with IBM Spectrum Discover. 


This hands on lab will guide you through the configuration, operation and usage of an IBM Cloud Object Storage system. The exercises will show the web management GUI, data API’s for object storage using  Simple Object API and S3 API.
Improve cyber security with Dual Authorization in Spectrum protect 8.1.9

Oversee the work of less-experienced administrators to prevent unintended consequences, or create a peer-review process for administrators. Provide an airgap thanks to the new command approval feature adressing a pre-defined set of commands.
Build your Data Driven Multi-Cloud Backup Architecture with IBM Spectrum Protect Cloud Tiering 

IBM Spectrum Protect™ can simplify data protection where data is hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud environment.
Use the flexible Tier 2 Cloud to optimize your Spectrum Protect's backups & restores from/to hybrid Multi-Cloud.
IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center GUI (R/O), V8.1.9 with new Dual Authorization and Retention Holds

Implement the new Command Approval (dual auth) improving cyber security, retention HOLDs to simplify compliance, but also the previous enhancements : Tiering to Tape & the SPP's archives 2 Tape provided in V 8.1.8, Retention Sets & Rules to automatically and periodically retain data sets for specific clients... and more than 10 different scenarios available using the Operations Center.
IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.9: focus on Retentions sets & Retention Holds, Web Client 2.0 for recovery 

Understand the Retention Sets facility to create point-in-time collections, leveraging existing backup data to satisfy long-term data retention requirements. Define Retention HOLDS for an unlimited retention, for example for legal purpose. Use the web client 2.0 for restores, understand how it is implemented, and use the new alternate location feature. 
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.5 - Protect easily and effectively your VMware infrastructure and your SQL environment

This lab will lead you in a spectrum protect plus server at latest level. You will gain hand on
The Web interface overview, including Dashboard and Menus overview
How to define your own backup SLAs, schedule and run your own backup tasks
How to test, plan and run data restore, VM and SQL database
Cloud and Spectrum Protect on IBM Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.5 offload 

This lab will lead you on  a spectrum protect plus server at latest level. You will :
use the web interface dashboard and backup/restore menus
register an IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) bucket
register an IBM Spectrum Protect server
offload-copy backups to the IBM COS or Spectrum Protect, editing SLA
Restore a VM from these offloads

Presentation-Lab-IBM Wave administrationIBM LinuxONE / IBM Zz/VM & Linux ManagementHands-on lab on IBM Wave Server
Presentation-Lab-zVM-Linux-enablementIBM LinuxONE / IBM ZLinux & z/VMHands-on lab on z/VM from Installation to Linux Installation 
Presentation-Lab-Install-Oracle-V1IBM LinuxONE / IBM Zz/VM & Linux ManagementHands-on lab on Oracle Database Installation
Presentation-Lab-Red Hat Openshift Container PlatformIBM LinuxONE / IBM ZRed Hat OpenshiftHands-on lab on Red Hat Container Platform
Hands on Lab Machine Learning on Z : Experiment Watson Machine Learning for z/OS as a Data Scientist  IBM LinuxONE / IBM ZMachine Learning z/OSIBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS (WMLz) is an enterprise machine learning platform that provides end to end management of the entire machine learning workflow. WMLz helps to simplify and significantly reduce the time to train and deploy machine learning models by: • Integrating all the tools and functions needed for machine learning and automating the machine learning workflow. • Providing a platform for better collaboration across different personas, including Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Business Analyst and Application Developers, for a successful machine learning project. • Infusing cognitive capabilities into the machine learning workflow to help determine when model results deteriorate and need to be tuned and provide suggestions for updates or changes.
Hands-On Lab IDAA on Z : Discovering the value of IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator IBM LinuxONE / IBM ZAnalytics DB2 z/OSThe DB2 Analytics Accelerator is a workload-optimized appliance that enables customers to create insights from queries that would previously take hours, but now run in seconds to minutes without the cumbersome and expensive process of adding indexes or query performance tuning. There is no rewriting of applications or new database designs—the appliance simply attaches to DB2 for z/OS providing an operational deployment in days that can improve query response times up to 2000x. (Key words: System z )
This hands-on Lab  geared towards Database Administrators, System Administrators, and anyone who is interested in getting hands-on experience with the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator on Z.