In 2021 IBM Competency Server & Storage Business Partners (BPs) will receive IBM Business Development Funds – Enablement (BDF-E) to spend on the following activities:

• IBM Systems Technical Training Events and Workshops
• IBM Lab Services Offerings
• IBM Systems Cloud for Enablement and Co-Creation
• Demo and proof of concept activities

What can IBM Montpellier offer ? We can offer the following :

•Technological enablement / briefings in terms of Storage, Server (IBM i p & z), Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Hybrid Cloud, RedHat

By who ? IBM Montpellier technological experts

Location : IBM Montpellier (Depenendant on Covid restrictions)

Why are you working with Blue-Channel ? Blue-Channel organise innovative technological & marketing events for IBM Montpellier. We have been succesfully collaborating with Blue-Channel for the last four years. Please refer to for more information.

What do we suggest ? Let’s have a brief webinar with you and your teams to determine your 2021 requirements and build the plan.

IBM BDF-E provides a predictable pool of reinvestment funds to assist you in your skills development and enablement activities to support and grow sales of IBM Systems products.BDF-E will be a fixed amount and depend on the level achieved on January 1st and July 1st. Specialist partners will earn $ 5.000 per half year. Expert partners will earn $ 7.500 per half year.